Who should take voice lessons?

Anyone aged 13 and up can study voice at Patel Voice Studio. At this age, the voice has begun to develop and change, so voice lessons can begin to have a lasting impact. Ideally, students take voice lessons over a period of time that allows for effective growth. 

But if My child is younger than 13- wouldn’t voice lessons still be beneficial for them?

I encourage those students to start playing an instrument like piano, continue singing for fun around the house or in their school choir, and sing solos at talent shows or in church. Plenty can be learned without needing voice lessons just yet! There are other studios that accept students younger than 13- I just don’t find it necessary to begin any earlier at my studio. I didn’t begin lessons until 14 and by that time I was really ready.


who should take piano lessons?

Anyone aged 6 and up can study piano at Patel Voice Studio. Starting at age 6 presumes that the student is able to focus in order to learn within a 30 minute time frame. The student should be beginning to read so that they can follow along in their lesson book.


who can benefit from a coaching session?

Anyone aged 6 and up can have a coaching session at Patel Voice Studio. You can benefit from coaching sessions if you are working on a specific song for a show or audition. This differs from voice lessons which occur regularly over a longer period of time and develop vocal technique.

Patel Voice Studio is an inclusive, respectful space that welcomes and accepts students without regard to race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, identity, or disability.

What style of singing do you teach?

I have studied classical technique and bel canto singing, but I love to sing musical theatre songs and jazz as well. If a singer wants to belt in order to sing a pop song, I will not teach them belting in voice lessons, but I would be willing to work with them in a coaching session. I am happy to teach singers who want to sing country, pop, or Broadway tunes, but I will only teach healthy ways of singing in those various styles. If you have questions, this is something we can discuss in the intro lesson.


How much do lessons cost?

Please use the Contact Page to find out scheduling and pricing information. Payment is expected at the time of the lesson.


Besides Lesson tuition, what else do i need to pay for?

Just as if you were taking dance lessons or playing a sport which require specialized shoes and clothing, studying voice or piano requires specialized materials as well.

Voice students will need to purchase a song book anthology, and any individual solos will be purchased online using an online retailer like sheetmusic.com. Anthologies run anywhere from $15-20.00, and sheet music costs around $3-5.00. 

Piano students will need to purchase a piano course book that is specifically tailored to their level of proficiency. Lesson and theory books cost around $6-8.00, and solos are around $4.00 each. Piano students need access to a piano or keyboard at home, as that is vital for improvement.

You will buy brand new materials directly from me at retailer's cost. That way, we can get to work right away on music without you having to make a trip to the music store.

Students will be encouraged to participate in studio recitals. Cost will include the studio accompanist's fee and space rental fee.

Effort will always be made to keep music and recital costs low and affordable.

How does scheduling work?

Lessons are taught Monday-Thursday. After your first intro lesson, we will find a time that works at the same time and day each week. For students in school, after-school lessons will be offered weekdays until 6:30 pm. For all others, daytime slots will be available after 1 pm.

Weekly lessons are given priority. Single lessons and coaching sessions will be scheduled within the open slots available during the week. 


what happens if i miss my scheduled lesson?

As soon as you know you can't make it to your lesson for any reason, please notify me by email, phone, or text. Since you will still be charged for that lesson, we will schedule a makeup lesson.

If you do not show up to your lesson and don't give notice, a makeup lesson is not guaranteed.

what do i need to bring to my lesson?

Students should put any loose sheet music in a 3-ring binder and bring all the materials we have been working on along with a pencil and eraser.


Can I bring a guest to my lesson?

It is important the student feels comfortable and focused in the studio space, so it is preferable for guests to wait outside the studio in the waiting area.